An Announcement

Hi everybody!

Sorry for being MIA, but there haven’t been many interview requests lately. I have a couple that are ready to posted and I just need to schedule and upload.

I had a wonderful time at ACE Comic Con and I am still on cloud nine. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was incredibly busy and as a result, I am worn out (in the best possible way).

I hope you lot don’t mind, but I’m going to be taking a week-long break from posting just to rest and recharge my batteries (and smile as I remember the amazing experience I had).

I will still reply to any emails I receive and please (PLEASE!) keep sending me interview requests!

Interviews will resume next week. And I’m going to have a special announcement very, very soon (involving an art show specifically for ace-identifying artists).

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I do love this site and chatting with all the asexual artists who contact me.

Thanks, everybody!  🙂

Just a Small Reminder

Hi everybody!

We’ve surpassed 800 interviews (less than 200 before we reach a thousand! AH! That’s so exciting! Seriously, people, keep those interview requests coming)

So I’m terrible at asking for any sort of help or support, but I’m trying to get better at it (being a starving artist, that’s a skill I need to hone). I run this blog entirely by myself and receive no reimbursement. It’s very time consuming and requires a lot of energy: replying to emails, uploading and scheduling interviews (including writing introductions), organizing the links pages, and setting up the occasional signal boost.

This is all on top of my usual job: being an author (an indie author, which requires a ton of marketing).

A while ago, I set up a page about how you can support the Asexual Artists blog (Support Asexual Artists: Tumblr & WordPress). It has a link to my Square store, I believe where you can pick up a copy of my books if you’re in the US. If you’re not in the US, there’s a link to the Snowy Wings online store. And they’re also available as eBooks through Amazon.

I have a Ko-Fi page set up. I know money’s super tight, but even a few bucks is helpful and so very appreciated.

Thank you, everybody! Keep being your awesome selves 🙂

Plan for this Week

Hello all!

Well, C2E2 was a blast. I got to hang out with a lot of really good friends. The panel went okay, though I wasn’t exactly … pleased that another panelist on the panel basically put me in a position where I was forced to reveal I have a learning disability. There’s really no excuse for that.

However, meeting and talking to so many wonderful asexual identifying artists more than made up for that small bit of unpleasantness. I really can’t say this enough: I love meeting and talking with asexual artists. All of you are so wonderful and generous with your time and I love hearing you talk about your projects 😀

I hope some of the artists who attended the panel contact me because I want to feature you on this site and share your awesomeness with all the other aces out there.

Okay, so as fun as the convention was, it was also exhausting. I’m completely worn out, people. I need today to recharge my batteries so to speak. My apologies.

Later tonight, I’m going to write up a small signal boost for Kai, who could really use some support at the moment (if you’re so inclined, please visit his YouCaring page and donate if you can: That post will go up tomorrow.

I have no interviews scheduled, so I’ll post another call for interviews on Wednesday.

The Kindle eBooks of my first two novels are still on sale through today (Sere from the Green & Through Storm and Night)

Thanks, everybody! 🙂

Reminder of Site Rules

Hi everyone!

This post is aimed at allosexuals (non-asexuals) who visit this site, but it’s also a general rule.

People, please don’t leave comments prying into artist’s lives and relationships. This site isn’t about debating asexuality or their feelings on sex/relationships. Don’t be gross. Nobody wants to hear your opinion about asexuality and it’s SUPER inappropriate for you to expect ace artists to educate you or correct your assumptions.

This site is about celebrating the contributions of asexuals to the arts. It’s not a 101 site. It’s not a “correcting the public’s ignorance” site. This isn’t an “explain asexuality” site. There are hundreds of sites out there that do this and that have answers to your questions. Google is your friend.

If you have a question about an artist’s response to a particular question, there are ways you can contact them. Most of them have links. But keep in mind that it’s entirely up to them if they respond.


If you want to leave a comment on an artist’s art, that’s appropriate and acceptable. Please don’t hesitate to do so. That’s what this site is about.

If you leave an “Ace 101” type question, it will be deleted and you will be blacklisted from this site.

I created this site because aces were not often given the chance to be both asexual and artists. Most interviews with them were highly fetishizing or just plain demeaning.

Asexual Artists is for aces and for celebrating the amazing, unique art that they create.

Allos, please respect that and recognize that this site is NOT about you!

Thanks everybody!


It has been brought to my attention that a former interviewee took part in GamerGate and harassed people like Zoe Quinn. This blog has a strict “No Bullying, No Bigotry” policy and as such, that individual’s interview has been taken down and their links removed from the site.

I apologize for any harm the feature may have caused people. Had I known about this person’s involvement in GamerGate, they certainly would not have been featured and would have instantly been blocked from the site.

Asexual Artists is going to NWSA 2017!

Awesome news, everyone!

Thanks to a very generous donation yesterday, I not only reached my fundraising goal, I surpassed it! Check it out!



(I’m probably going to keep the fundraiser up until the start of October. I have a busy couple weeks coming up and I still have to write a couple thank you messages to donors.)

I’m absolutely overwhelmed at everyone’s generosity and I . . . I literally have no words! Gah! I’m sorry everyone! You know when you’ve gone through a rough patch and then receive unexpected good news and have like . . . no idea how to react or what to say? That’s pretty much me right now.



Happy dancing gifs aside: I promise you, that I will do my very best at this conference, on this panel. I promise that I won’t take this opportunity for granted. This site has always been, and will always be, for and about ace-identifying artists. It’s a way to amplify your voices. I take that responsibility very seriously.

I just . . . I’m so happy I have this opportunity. Rest assured, I will bring plenty of business cards with information about this site with me.

Thank you everyone! Thank you so very, very much! 🙂

A Few Odds and Ends

Hello all.

This is just a couple odds and ends, random bits of news.

Apology for Last Week

I know I didn’t post last week and I wanted to offer a sincere apology for that. The past few months . . . they’ve been incredibly rough. I wanted to give a brief explanation, because there’s a chance that I might need a day or week off every now and again in the future.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), have had it all my life. Because of this, I wasn’t allowed to learn another language in school. Neurotypical students were given the option to take another language in middle school, while students with diagnosed learning disabilities were put in study hall. From a young age, I was fascinated with language and not being allowed to learn a second language was not only humiliating, it was heartbreaking.

I tried to learn Greek when I was earning my degree and was absolutely terrible at it, but good heavens, was it fun! I sucked at it, but I was allowed to learn it and that’s all I wanted. Had I be given a few more years, I probably would have been halfway decent. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a year of it before I graduated.

Recently, I decided to learn ASL. I really want to learn another language, being fluent in at least two languages is a dream of mine. I signed up at my local community college, having forgotten some past experiences I had at the place (which should have left permanent red flags). I passed ASL I and II. In January, I started ASL III.

I really don’t want to go into detail about what happened, it’s still really painful to remember, but from January until April, I was regularly subjected to ableist abuse from the students in the class, including being shamed for having a learning disability. It got so terrible that I wound up having to medically withdraw from the course (as well as another one I was taking). I realized that I would have rather been dead than in that class and wound up having a panic attack that almost landed me in the hospital. All because I wanted to learn a language.

I wound up lodging a complaint with the college. I am currently in the process of trying to get a refund for the course, which looks likely to happen (based on the sheer amount of fuck ups that happened). I have been assured that this sort of situation will never happen again.

Since April, I’ve been recovering from the experience (and the subsequent anxiety that it triggered. Oh and all the brand new triggers, which is just so much fun [sarcasm]). Some days, I wake up and my entire body feels like an exposed nerve and everything hurts and it just reminds me of that damn class. I’m still trying to get back to a place of confidence, back to my badass self, but it’s difficult. Some days are better than others. Some days are still a struggle. Keeping up this site helps a lot (as it did when I was going through the worst of that experience). Seeing friends also helps. I had lunch with the phenomenal H-P Lehkonen in April (though I fear I was quite out of it at the time). I went to WisCon in Madison with my dear friend, Leigh, in May where I met a couple followers of this blog (it was lovely seeing you 🙂 ) and had dinner with a bunch of aces. In July, I went to Indy PopCon in Indianapolis, where I saw Hallopino, who I interviewed for this site a while back, met a whole bunch of aces, and got to hang out with my bestie (we went to see Wonder Woman! It was awesome!). I also got to see my bestie again a couple weeks later for her birthday.

Anyhow, I wanted to apologize because I feel like I’m letting the followers of this blog down. Some of you have written really lovely messages that I haven’t been able to respond to because of all the shit I’ve been dealing with relating to this f’ing class. I am so sorry. Please know that your kind words were very appreciated when I was in a really bad place (I am so grateful to all of you). And then I just completely burned out last week and couldn’t upload the four interviews I had waiting in my inbox. I am very sorry. You guys deserve better. I am really, really trying. I really am. I promise that if I ever burn out again, I’ll post a short post to let you know that’s the case.

Thanks for your patience.

Happy Exciting News! 😀

While all the shit with that class was happening, I was still hard at work on the reboot of my series. Unfortunately, the severe anxiety and panic attacks meant I had to push back the release date. It was supposed to happen in August, but I’m lucky enough to have great friends who tell me to take care of myself first (I probably would have had a complete breakdown had I tried to release the series in August).

BUT! That means I get to re-release my series on my favorite day of the year: Halloween! YAY!

My wonderful friend and fellow ace author, Lyssa Chiavari, has been helping me set up everything in anticipation of the book’s release. You guys, the first two pages are live!

Sere from the Green
Through Storm and Night

I know some of you have already read the previous versions and I hope you’ll give the series another chance, now that it has been professionally edited (and beta read by another dear friend, Taia Hartman). These are the books I wanted to write, told in my voice. I poured everything into these books and I’m really happy with the result. I’m so grateful to Snowy Wings Publishing for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It feels like a dream.

I have to warn you that September and October are going to be ridiculously as I continue to prepare for this re-release. So there might be a couple days I go M.I.A. It’s super important to me that I get this right. Thank you in advance for your understanding 🙂

I’ll probably post a reminder closer to the release date, which I hope followers won’t mind.

Upcoming Birthday

As some followers of this site are aware, my birthday is September 27th. As usual, I’m requesting you find some way to support asexual identifying artists (either by supporting their work or by offering them some kind words).

However, I have a teeny request: my fundraiser for the trip to Baltimore is still going on. I really need to raise the funds for this trip (still need a little less than $200 to reach my goal). Anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated:

I’m terrible at fundraisers (and it has been hard to focus on this with all the other stuff going on). I cannot reiterate that enough: I am so bad at promoting myself. But I really want to do this. I know that I could really contribute to this panel and I want this experience.

Anyhow, that’s about it.

OH! Please keep those interview requests coming. I only have four scheduled for next week.

Thanks, everyone! 🙂 ❤