We’re artists and there are some of us who make appearances to promote our work.  This page will be for any upcoming appearances (signings, conventions, etc.) for asexual identifying artists and of course where you can meet me, as I take Asexual Artists to all the conventions I attend.

If you have an upcoming appearance you’d like posted here, please email me at laurenjankowski27@gmail.com with all the relevant information.

NOTE:  I will be updating this page regularly, so please check back often.

Asexual Artists Blog Appearance Schedule
The following are upcoming conventions I’ll be at.  Just look for the asexual pride flag and the dark-haired woman in the power suit.  Visit the sites for more information on the conventions.  More information about where I’ll be at these conventions can also be found at my site (http://laurenjankowski.com/events/), which I try to keep up to date.  Note:  if you want me to visit an event in your city, the best way to do so is to contact the convention/event and request they invite me.  I would really love to meet more artists and blog followers in person.


Indy PopCon: June 17th – 19th, Indianapolis Convention Center (see the website for more information)

Archon: September 30th – October 2nd, Gateway Convention Center (see the website for more information)

ICON: October 29th -30th, Cedar Rapids Mariott (see website for more information)

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