New Site Rule

Hi everybody!

I’m just going to get right into it: I need to make a new site rule. It hasn’t often popped up, but with the rise of own voices in the ace community, I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with the erasure of ace POC and their voices. And I’m seeing a lot of white aces refusing to check their privilege and completely ignoring intersectionality (especially when it comes to ace activism). That has got to stop: acephobia is not the ultimate oppression and it’s experienced differently by different aces, depending on a number of factors. By white aces refusing to check their privilege, they are causing so much harm to ace POC.

And look, I know I’m just a little site about art, but I’m also an intersectional feminist. I can’t do much to change the dialogue in activist circles, but I can try to make this site as equal as it can be. That’s why I have an open door policy for interviews (mostly): if you create, than you’re an artist and I want to interview you.

Anyhow, the new site rule: Asexual Artists will not recommend or signal boost any list of “own voices” that does not include ace POC. Any list of “great ace and aro representation” that does not include ace authors/creators of color, will be edited out of interviews and not posted on this site. And it can’t be one fleeting mention of one POC author or creator among a sea of white authors or creators. They have to be at least in equal numbers and with equal coverage/mention.

I try to make this site as safe as it can be for everyone and I probably should have declared this rule much earlier. However, there it is and it will be enforced.

Thanks everyone!

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