Interview: Luna Tiny

Today we’re joined by Luna Tiny. Luna is an amazing visual artist who writes a comic entitled Anonymous Asexual. It’s about the trials and tribulations of being queer and it’s really freaking cool. I highly recommend checking it out. Luna also does other sorts of visual art such as character and creature design. It’s very apparent they’re incredibly passionate about their art and it shows, as you’ll soon see. My thanks to them for taking the time to participate in this interview.

anonymous artist
Anonymous Artist


Please, tell us about your art.

I am a digital illustrator primarily, and mostly create comics, fanart, and creature/character designs. Most of my work, particularly my comics, focus on issues of gender identity and sexuality.

What inspires you?

Personal experiences from my life.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I’ve wanted to be an artist from a very young age, but digital art came to me after watching speed paintings on YouTube. I didn’t realize what I specifically wanted to do, illustration, until much more recently through schooling.

final image

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I almost always include my signature somewhere in my art.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Never give up trying to make art- no matter how hard it may seem, anyone can learn from it and be inspired to create. Follow and make what you love, regardless of what others think about it, and you’ll go far as an artist.

girlfriend girlfriend
Girlfriend, Girlfriend


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I am a sex-repulsed asexual, but I also identify as panromantic.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I have; people often question how I can be in a relationship if I am unwilling to have sex, or that I just “haven’t found the right person” to have sex with. I’ve received hate for how I identify, particularly as anonymous messages online, and have been rejected as a possible romantic interest because of my orientation. I handle these comments calmly and try to respond by educating the person insulting me to the best of my ability. It doesn’t always work, but I find it’s more effective than losing my cool.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

“You can’t be in a romantic relationship without having sex”

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

It’s OK to be confused about it, and it’s OK to not be sexually attracted towards anyone; your identity is what you make of it, and you shouldn’t let other people try to convince you that you are someone you’re not.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

You can find me at, where I have links to a few of my other blogs as well. Just look up Luna Tiny, and you should find me pretty easily!


Thank you, Luna, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

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