Signal Boost: “The White Renegade”

I received a very nice email and request from Claudie Arseneault, who was one of the very first artists interviewed for this site.  She’s a wonderful writer and she has a very exciting project.  This is a signal boost for a very talented asexual writer.

“We are releasing a free novella to go along with Viral Airwaves, my debut novel. It’s called The White Renegade and oh my gosh, is it full of awesome queer characters. So here’s the blurb!

Between bisexuality and albinism, Seraphin always felt like an outsider in his own town. He finally finds companionship in Alex, a genderless teenager who interns over summer. With them, he learns to trust himself and his instincts. It leads Seraphin to leave his town and join the army invading his country, but when his squad is ordered to raid his hometown, Seraphin finds his new life may come at the price of his old.

I’m so very proud of it. The relationship between Seraphin and Alex (who’s also aromantic) is precious, so you’ve got cute queer teenagers supporting each other through (horribly) rough times, and this is a super great introduction to the world behind Viral Airwaves.

We’re giving it away for free, too. Here are the links:



And if people wanted to find me, my tumblr is thewritingsquid :

So get out there and support a fellow asexual artist!

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