Signal Boost: “Heartless”

As I mentioned in one of my many, many updates, I’m willing to do signal boosts for asexual artists who have projects they would like attention drawn to (time permitting).  Normally, this is something I would post on the weekend, but since I’m going to be out of town this weekend, I figured I’d make an exception and post it tonight.

Note:  This is only for asexual-identifying artists.  If I start receiving a lot of requests from non-ace artists who want to take advantage of this (I don’t care if you have a single ace character in your work. You’re still enjoying a privilege aces don’t have), I’m going to stop doing it.


Today I received an email from Emily Griggs.  Emily is interested in being interviewed for the site, but wants to hold off until she has a few more publications under her belt.  In the mean time, she has requested I signal boost her webcomic Heartless:


“I run a webcomic called Heartless, it’s fairly new but updates every Monday, and chapter 1 will be wrapping up in just a few weeks. You can find it online at .To quote from my own summary:

Heartless is an action/adventure comic set in early Victorian London. It’s about vampires, self-discovery, more vampires, the struggle against oppression, and very pretty dresses. The entire main cast is LGBTQIA+, with an explicitly asexual protagonist.


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